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Different By Design

Fleets nationwide choose Johnson equipment because of its unique and effective construction features and benefits, including a very high thermal rating, significant panel strength, extreme durability and a smooth exterior.

Impervious to Moisture

Johnson's exclusive seamless and rivet-free fiberglass panels are impervious to moisture, and a durable tubular welded stee superstructure is completely encapsulated in urethane foam and fiberglass to resist rust and corrosion.

Thermally Efficient

The void-free, high pressure, urethane foam insulation system provides structural integrity and the highest insulation value in the industry. All reinforced panels are welded, foam insulated under high-pressure, and fiberglass bonded. By utilizing a proprietary, non-conductive, strong, fiberglass/polyester pultrusion between the steel frame and interior panels, a barrier is created, so heat cannot be transferred from the outside into the body.

Innovative Cold Plate Technology

Johnson has used all-electric cold plate technology for the past 50+years due to its reliability and efficiency. Over time Johnson has evolved the technology and launched innovative cold plate systems with active evaporators to satisfy non-traditional and extreme route requirements. Switching from traditional mechanical refrigeration units results in a significant reduction in diesel consumption and CO2 output.

Johnson's all-electric refrigeration (available as an option) provides maximum flexibility for distributors who are looking to stay compliant with strict idling rules while reducing their operating costs. They are also EXEMPT from the California Air Resources Board's Transport Refrigeration Unit Air Toxic Control Measure.