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Did You Know

Great Dane has standardized its LongLife Light System and Grote MicroNova DOT lamps for all future orders. Combined, the technologies offer customers enhanced value, safety and protection against corrosion.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps have a number of advantages over incandescent lighting, including an expected service life that is six times longer than traditional incandescent trailer light bulbs. The longer life is the result of producing less heat and being less susceptible to shock and vibration. Fewer replacements with LEDs also lower maintenance expenses and eliminate the potential for injury when replacing bulbs in top rails and rear frames.

Some of the latest LED lamps, including Dual Intensity Clearance/Marker LEDs, are designed in small sizes to fit in narrow applications. The recessed mounting and smaller size of these lamps significantly reduce the potential for damage. The LEDs on Great Dane trailers also feature a hermetic lens-to- housing seal and total circuit-board protection against vibration and corrosion.

Dual intensity and standard LED lamps also provide a safety advantage over incandescent lamps because they generate brighter light and take only a fraction of a second to reach full illumination, making a trailer more visible when used in signal and brake lamp assemblies.

Great Dane's LongLife Light System is a completely sealed system designed to help prevent damaging moisture intrusion. The premium offering is a modular and maintenance-free system that combines the flexibility of a custom wiring solution with the durability, reliability and simplicity of a fully sealed harness.

Features of the LongLife Light System include gaskets on all connection points and the use of dielectric grease to prevent moisture and contaminant intrusion. Additionally, a full ground return ensures system integrity. Sealed from the lamp connectors to the nose box, the ground return replaces pigtails that left a connection exposed to the atmosphere.

LEDs have been the lighting choice for a growing number of Great Dane customers because of their longer life and overall cost savings. Today, the initial cost difference between LED and incandescent lamps continues to decline.

Now standard on all Great Dane models, these premium lights coupled with a premium wiring harness are a perfect fit for the industry's highest quality trailers.