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Delivering The Goods

While Great Dane continues to grow and thrive, it has not lost sight of its proud roots. It is still a family-owned business that puts a top priority on its relationships and partnerships with customers. Because of that commitment, the company listens intently to its customers' needs and challenges—and works to make the solutions a reality. A case in point is the relationships it continues to build with its grocery customers who rely heavily on their Great Dane reefers. Hauling temperature-sensitive loads requires a well-built refrigerated trailer. For those reasons, Great Dane regularly develops custom-spec'd reefers for grocers to provide the best model for their operations.

Right Spec's are Key
Ensuring the right specification begins by selecting a new Great Dane Everest model refrigerated van trailer. Then grocery customers can customize the van by choosing top quality options such as:

• Heavy-duty aluminum radius corners to increase strength and puncture resistance
• Upper nose rail guards to further protect the trailer's front end
• Heavy-duty bottom rail reinforcement gussets and dock bumpers to protect against dock impact.
• Stainless steel roll-up rear frame "doubler" plates to further protect against dock impact
• A heavy-duty refer cargo floor with an 20,000 lb forklift performance rating
• Custom built heavy-duty pallet stops to protect the trailer interior front wall
• Ultra-duty aluminum sidewall scuffbands
• ThermoGuard—Great Dane's patented reefer liner that helps seal the trailer's insulation to significantly reduce "out gassing" effects and weight gain from moisture intrusion

These special options not only help ensure that temperature-sensitive groceries are protected in transit from warehouse to store, but also that the reefer trailers provide a long service life for fleets. They also reinforce Great Dane's commitment to product integrity and highlight the company's interest in mutual success with its customers. The bottom line: helping grocers deliver the best service and the freshest products to their customers—because our partnerships rely on this expectation.