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Customize your flatbed for market versatility

When you have to haul those heavy specialized loads—steel to large equipment—flatbeds are the clear choice because they can handle concentrated loads and large irregularly shaped cargo. In order to haul these loads safely, legally and reliably, trailers must be customized to suit the cargo—that incudes cargo restraints, proper load distribution among the axles, and provisions for hauling accessories like chains and dunnage are critical needs for a successful flatbed operation.

When you start the spec'ing process, it's great to know that Great Dane platform trailer engineers are specialists at working with customers and sales personnel to provide the best combination of proven options to give customers an optimum piece of equipment for their specialized cargo.

Pick Your Platform
Select the best product. Great Dane builds a full line of flatbed types:
Combo platforms: combine strength and lightweight
Aluminum platforms: lightest flatbeds available provide heavy-haul capacity
Steel platforms: workhorses that provide maximum flexibility
Combo drops: combine strength and light weight with lower deck heights—for tall loads and loads with high center of gravity
Steel drops: provide strength and low deck heights
Extendables: provide specialized hauling capability for loads up to 90-feet long.

Check the features:
Bolted floor crossmember: provide connection for strength and long life
Doubler plates: located in high stress areas of the beam
High quality paint process: includes shot-blasting of all steel components, 2-part epoxy primer, and 2-part urethane topcoat
Long-life electrical harness: has LED lighting with 10-year warranty
• Platinum Performance Plus Wheel End Package: has 6-year warranty
• GD60 Landing Gear
• Powder Coated Wheels

Choose options. Great Dane offers features for specific needs, such as:

Cargo Restraint Options
• Sliding Winches
• "Three-Bar Winches" for Canadian haulers
• Winches may be recessed between crossmembers
• Sliding J Hooks provide a near limitless number of tie-down points
• D-rings or pull-up chain ties in floor
• Bulkheads constructed of aluminum and steel, tested and rated for load securement Bulkheads are available with tarp baskets, chain racks, turnbacks for use with sidekits Steel bulkheads are available with expanded metal "windows"
• Aluminum floors are available with no nail strips or with 2, 3 or 4 nail strips
• Floors overlaid with steel
• Coil package
• Twistlocks for hauling containerized cargo
• C-hooks and rope ties
• Tail roller for oil field operations
• Stakes in siderail for steel operations
• Side Kits

Load Distribution Options
Suspension Options:
• Tandem axle, spring or air-ride, fixed or slide, axle centers 49", 60", 72" or 121"
• Tridem spring or air-ride, fixed or slide, axle centers 49", 60", or 72"
• Tandem with fixed front axle and sliding rear axle
• Four-axles (Quad): Tridem with fourth axle steerable / liftable
• Rear axle dump valves for ease of low-speed maneuvering
• Pintle hooks
• Lift axles

Equipment for Hauling Accessories
• Toolboxes
• Dunnage racks
• Tire carriers
• Mounting kits for hauling Moffett or Princeton forklifts to the job site

Other Popular Options
Great Dane offers these vendor options:
• Disc brakes
• Tire inflation systems
• ABS Brakes from WABCO, Bendix or Haldex
• Roll stability systems
• Custom paint colors to match the customer's scheme

Why does Great Dane offer all these options and flexibility? in today's competitive market.
It is committed to providing trailers precisely tailored to customer
needs—designed to ensure customer success.


For those special operators who want to show off their flatbed trailers with just the right accessories and "bling" for optimum visual impact, Great Dane offers the Freedom XP Appearance Package. Specially designed for today's truckers to express their personality, these high-impact choices are sure to create an appearance that sets them above the competition.

The new package includes:
• Enclosed rear with Great Dane
oval logos on each side
• Full-width mudflaps across the rear
• Extra marker lamps in the rear filler plate
• Quarter fenders ahead of front axle
• Extra lamps in rear filler plate
• 12 MicroNova marker lamps in each siderail
• 2 lamps in each front corner and amber turn lamps in the rear.

All these extras are loaded on Great Dane's Freedom XP aluminum trailer, which offers combined strength, corrosion resistance and lightweight—the perfect equipment combination to succeed in today's competitive market.