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Champion CL Semi-Insulated Options

Great Dane often serves customers that operate in warm climates with our Everest refrigerated trailers to help ensure temperature-sensitive cargo is delivered at the right temperature without overheating, but where do customers turn when they are fighting the opposite battle? Did you know that Great Dane builds trailers that help keep temperature-sensitive cargo cold, but also has you covered when it comes to protecting cargo from sub-freezing temperatures? Many customers haul freight in harsh cold climates and need to protect shipments from freezing. Freezing temperatures can damage and render certain cargo useless such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages, certain food products, liquids and more. Customers, who need assistance maintaining acceptable temperatures in cold climates while deliveries are en route to their destination, can utilize Great Dane's dry van, the Champion CL, with semi-insulated options.

Versatile Option
The Great Dane Champion CL is a dry van that can come equipped with semi-insulated options which include insulated sidewalls, roof structure and front walls which can also include bracing for heaters. These trailers undergo a precisely controlled foaming process and modular panel construction, and are built using the same foaming techniques as Great Dane reefers. However, the Champion dry van's hardwood floor typically is spec'd without additional insulation, since wood is an effective thermal break for many operations. As a result, the semi-insulated dry van trailer can be used to haul cargo that can endure cool temps, but cannot be subjected to freezing.

The advantages of a semi-insulated van versus a reefer are that they provide more inside height and width, and can be a more affordable option when all the bells and whistles of a refrigerated trailer are not necessary for the operation. The thermal capability of the trailer is much less than a reefer trailer since the walls are thinner than in reefers. These trailers function as a dry freight van with added protection for freeze-sensitive cargo, which customers in colder climates need to help protect some loads.


Champion CL Semi-Insulated Van
• Innovative foaming process
• Modular panel construction
• Post cavities standard at 24"
• Variety of scuff band options available
• Upper coupler options available
• 99" inside width
• Logistic track overlaid installation
• Submerged roof bows
• Standard rear frame design is comb- high-strength stainless steel