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Building Resistance

When hardwood floors get wet they lose their strength, stiffness, and hardness. In addition, temperature fluctuations and heat exposure from the sun accelerate the deterioration of floors at the rear of the trailer. Spec'ing moisture-resistant PROLAM on Champion dry vans helps customers win the war against moisture.

First line of defense: WAXIN 100
PROLAM standard floors also come with options that utilize the latest technology to best protect hardwood flooring. One option is PROLAM WAXIN, which is generally applied just to the areas that are most exposed and vulnerable to inclement weather, specifically the first eight feet from the rear door. Another option is WAXIN 100 which can be applied to the entire floor. When water hits the floor, most of it evaporates before it is absorbed into the hardwood. This process creates a virtually waterproof barrier for hardwood floors, making domestic North American hardwood similar to tropical woods like apitong, a very tough wood that has a natural resistance to outside conditions.

Underside protection: P•U•R
PuR is another moisture resistance option. It is specifically formulated to protect the under-belly of the trailer, which is subjected to very harsh conditions. In extreme weather, water-based paint systems currently used to protect the underside of trailer floors can break down. Once water-based paint breaks down, the wood absorbs moisture, causing warping, swelling and deteriorating glue bonds. Once the undercoating has been breached, water can migrate into the trailer, resulting in severe cargo damage. PROLAM's PuR protection is a hot-melt polyurethane reactive undercoating used on the underside of laminated trailer floors and eliminates degradation associated with traditional water-based paint undercoatings. It provides protection that standard waterbased
paint undercoatings cannot match.

ZIG-ZAG: Moisture avoidance
Locking out moisture is also the purpose of another PROLAM standard feature, ZIG-ZAG Technology. This unique flooring construction technology provides fatigue resistance that is key to moisture resistance and longer lasting trailer floors. Fatigue resistance is based directly on the number and distribution of joints per square foot of flooring. ZIG-ZAG Technology is designed to ensure that weight-bearing stress from forklifts is distributed throughout the flooring—and is a giant leap in technology compared to conventional hook joints. With this technology, more than 90 percent of joints are sealed tightly during assembly, compared to just 40 to 50 percent built with traditional hook joints. The result: significantly increased protection against water penetration. The bottom line—PROLAM trailer flooring solutions are winning the war against moisture damage