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Blizzard Busting

For all trailers, and especially those that spend time in winter climates, entering the season is a good time for extra care. Early and pre-season preventive maintenance and inspections on trailers heading into cold weather operations may avoid costly repairs and downtime on the road. Follow these cold weather maintenance tips, and you will be on your way to beating the next blizzard.

Cold Weather Tips:

  • Purge the air system of water to avoid freeze ups, and splitting of lines, fittings and valves.
  • Inspect lighting and electrical connections for corrosion. These areas will worsen with increased moisture and road de-icing agents.
  • Install dielectric grease in all electrical connections.
  • Inspect flat deck, van and reefer bodies, and couplers areas, rear frames and crossmembers, for corrosion. On older equipment
  • especially, already corroded equipment will worsen with increased moisture and road de-icing agents.
  • For auxiliary items such as tailgates, check charging system connections for corrosion, test battery condition and look for oil leaks
  • that may worsen in colder, more demanding temperatures.
  • Install arctic grade grease in dolly legs and hitching equipment lube points.
  • Install wheel turn indicators that are easily visible to the driver.
  • Check tire air pressures at the first frost and at 30-day intervals throughout the winter season.
  • Drain all moisture from air tanks and valves and flush the emergency brake circuit with air brake antifreeze.
  • Ensure gladhand seals are in new or like new condition.
  • Drain summer fuel from reefer tanks or dilute with a winter diesel blend.

Fighting Corrosion

With increasing exposure to more corrosive de-icing chemicals as well as road hazards, protecting the underside of trailers, especially during winter, is an ongoing challenge.

Taking corrosion resistance a step further, CorroGuard, Great Dane's exclusive spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomeric coating applied to suspensions and support gear, provides superior long-term protection from corrosion. A .045- to .050-inch thick layer of polyurea hybrid thermoplastic elastomeric coating applied to subframes and support gear, CorroGuard is developed with unique properties specifically for trailer underbody protection.

Part of a complete package of comprehensive corrosion prevention solutions, CorroGuard is extremely durable and highly resistant to de-icing chemicals, road debris, climate fluctuations, and ice and snow. Air and water tight, it will not peel, crack, warp, flake or split under even the harshest of conditions. It also remains pliable over time and withstands prolonged UV exposure.