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Ardwin Freight counts on its Great Dane branch to help meet its goal of excellence

It takes a special carrier to build its operation around meeting its customers' needs. One fleet that is totally dedicated to this concept is Ardwin Freight, a truckload carrier founded in 1988, hauling dr y freight throughout 11 Western states.

According to Julio Rios, Safety Manager at Ardwin Freight, "The majority of the freight we carr y consists of dr y commodities like paper rolls, beverages and food, which are normally very heavy. As a result, our customers have strict guidelines regarding the type of trailers they will accept to carr y those loads." The trailers need to be strong enough to handle and protect heavy cargo. That's why the fleet runs Champion dry vans, namely Champion SE vans spec'd with SSL liners.

trailers—they provide the safety and
endurance we require..."
-Julio Rios, Ardwin Freight Safety Manager

Safety is a major concern for the fleet. Rios says, "We have confidence in our Great Dane trailers—they provide the safety and endurance we require, which includes a superior suspension. We have had severe suspension problems with other trailer brands. However, we get exceptional performance with the Great Dane trailers—as a result we are able to meet our number one goal—providing better, on time delivery and safer service for our customers."

Ardwin Freight relies on the expertise of its Great Dane branch management. Rios says, "We have been working in partnership with our Great Dane branch in Fontana, CA, for over 10 years. They know what we need. We have an excellent business relationship and good communication. Whenever we need new dry van trailers, they make us a priority on availability and taking care of our requests. In addition, the branch has been a great trade partner, buying back our used trailers—even different brands—taking them in trade when we purchase new ones."

Rios adds, "Great Dane has become our primary resource when buying new equipment (trailers) for our fleet and we will continue doing business with our branch, based on our excellent relationship develop throughout the years and their continued support for our trailer needs."

Better Than a Silver
When it comes to protecting the interior of your van trailers, you can't depend on luck. If your application requires a van trailer interior that can ward off corrosion then Great Dane's patented SSL steel lining is the protection solution for you. And here's why:
• It is extremely durable—the SSL lining offers increased corrosion resistance due to additional performance enhancing steps in the steel manufacturing process.
• It is built like protective armor—the puncture strength is nearly six times greater than .25" plywood and over four times greater the MDPE plastic. Now that's protection that leaves nothing to chance.