Savannah, GA,
12:00 AM

AdvantEDGE Loyalty

Program a must-have for road breakdown manager

Denver-based Navajo Express’ Road Breakdown Manager, Chris Wade, talks about his experiences with Great Dane’s AdvantEDGE program. “I was so impressed with the AdvantEDGE program,“ says Wade, “that I brought it with me from my previous company and made it my first priority to get the program started at Navajo. What attracts me most are the capped prices on parts, the outstanding service we get from the Great Dane service shops, and the abundance and variety of parts available through the Great Dane Network for all the different trailers we run.”

Peace of Mind

Wade goes on to say that the quality of service provided by the program, which include an expansive number of service shops in the network, provides peace of mind. “When I receive an estimate, I know I’m getting a reasonable price that I don’t have to renegotiate it,” adds Wade.

Building Relationships

“We’re using the AdvantEDGE program mainly to put ourselves in positions to utilize our busiest lanes with the local shops and build relationships with these vendors. We run tight and constant loads with our customers, so downtime must be kept to a minimum. We’ve had nothing but the best responses from the AdvantEDGE network shops—they work to keep our equipment on the road. If there is ever an issue, network providers have been quick to communicate so we can find the best solution possible.”

Open Lines of Communication

Wade believes in constant communication between his office and service providers. He has found the service locations in the AdvantEDGE program keep him constantly informed. He states, “Many of the providers with whom we work even feel comfortable calling me when I am off work if something comes up. For me this is an example of how the best business relationships should be.”