Savannah, GA,
07:04 PM

A New Way to Weigh Guesswork a Thing of the Past


Air-Weigh's QuickLoad Trailer Scale provides on-the-ground weights at loading sites

For applications that don't require trailer weight readings on in-cab devices, the new QuickLoad Trailer Scale from Air-Weigh provides an economical approach to keeping trailers loaded safely and within legal limits. The supplier of on-board weighing technology for trailers is expanding its line of products to include the standalone trailer scale.

Designed to work on any air-ride equipped trailer by converting air pressure in the suspension into a very accurate on-the-ground weight, QuickLoad can be mounted to the frame or lower rail of any trailer with either permanent adhesive or hidden through- bolts. The 20-minute installation procedure also includes connecting a power cable and an air line.

QuickLoad's premium features are based on Air-Weigh's full line of on-board weighing technology. All electronics, software and sensors are packaged in an environmentally sealed enclosure that features molded electrical and air connections. The new design completely eliminates openings for buttons, switches, panels, connectors or air fittings.

Advanced graphics with an icon based touch screen user inter- face are used for simple setup, calibration and operation. In its operating mode, the QuickLoad Trailer Scale's easy-to-read backlit display features large numbers that can be read from several feet away.

Convenient built-in alarm LEDs, visible from all directions, can be set to flash at any warning weight, and then stay lit at a programmable overweight threshold. The scale also features a low-power battery mode for untethered applications.

Operation of the QuickLoad Trailer Scale from Air-Weigh is a simple matter of bringing the trailer to a complete stop and viewing weight readings. By allowing Great Dane customers to accurately know specific axle group weights at the loading site, QuickLoad eliminates wasted time re-working loads and cuts costs for out-of-route miles, fuel and overweight fines.